Set up gitweb centos

Set up gitweb centos

GitList is much easier to setup and has a better web interface. Continue reading this post if you looking for GitWeb setup instructions specifically. GitWeb web front-end installation and configuration. CentOS/Red Hat: verify the configuration in /etc/httpd/conf/ Ubuntu: enable the modules with the. This article will guide you through the installation and configuration steps of Git/Gitolite/GitWeb server on CentOS/RHEL Summary: In this tutorial we will be creating a private git server that is accessible through ssh and http both. Here Gitweb will be used for viewing git. After you install gitweb (on RHEL $ yum install gitweb), it should create a directory var/www/git and put a file in etc/httpd/conf.d/ If these. To get started with gitweb, run git-instaweb[1] from a Git repository. This would configure and start your web server, and run web browser pointing to gitweb. September 19, – tagged as apache, git, gitweb. My next natural step after getting my projects up and running with Git was to install a web interface. Gitweb .

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Michael's Git Tutorial - Setting Up a Git Server, time: 13:02
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